Saturday, 14 June 2014

Performances in Barcelona

Next Sunday 15th of June my latest work Flors i violes  will be performed at the Teatre Ovidi Montllor in Barcelona. The work was created last February in collaboration with the graduating students of the contemporary dance department of the Dance Conservatoire in Barcelona (Institut del Teatre).

The piece questions the idea of national identity, and the strength and risks that come with it. I was also interested in exploring the tension between collective and personal identity, which I see as a recurring theme in my work. In a way, the piece is a response to the deep political and social crisis that Catalonia and Spain are living at present moment, and the question of how do I position myself as an artist in relation to it.

A further performance of Flors i violes is scheduled for the 18th of June at the Sala La Cate in Figueres. For more info and tickets click HERE.

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