Monday, 10 November 2014

The Fictitious Truths of Teddington Library

This coming weekend I will be performing with Dog Kennel Hill Project on The Fictitious Truths of Teddington Library, part of this year's edition of the Richmond Upon Thames Literature Festival.

DKHP are Rachel Lopez de la Nieta, Henrietta Hale and Ben Ash, with whom I first worked in 2012 when Rachel created Pavlova's Dogs for Scottish Dance Theatre. Afterwards we collaborated in TUG for the London Dance Umbrella Festival and the research Études in Tension and Crisis which will be developed into a new full-length work in Spring 2015.

The Fictitious Truths of Teddington Library will be a durational performance, spreading over three days (Fri. 14th - Sun. 16th November). It will be a collection of performance curiosities, celebrating a sense of wonder at human evolution, from the hunter gatherers in the primordial forest to the finger tapping media communicators of now. Wondering what could have trodden this ground before us we will place an expansive lens on the site of Teddington Library, imagining the bears that roamed in earlier times, and an exhumed Neolithic Teddington Man that sits surveying one of the greatest symbols of social progress and enlightenment that it is today.

More information about the festival and free tickets for the performances  HERE.

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