Monday, 22 September 2014

Research residency in Dundee

Next Monday I will start a two week research residency in preparation for my upcoming full length creation Plan B for Utopia. The residency is supported by Creative Scotland and Scottish Dance Theatre, and it will take place at the company's headquarters in Dundee.

Together with dancers Solène Weinachter (SDT, Lost Dog, Jan Fabre, Gecko) and John Kendall (from balletLorent), we will explore the notion of ‘utopia’ and its relation with our everyday lives, both in a collective and a private context. We will be looking at the cycles of dissatisfaction, hope and disappointment that seem to drive our journeys through life (and through history). Finally, we will explore different ways of weaving choreographic and text-based elements, as well as playing with different narrative frameworks for the future work...

As part of this residency, we are offering free professional dance classes during the second week of  the residency: 6th - 10th October. The classes will be also an opportunity to meet and network with other independent dance artists based in Dundee and the East Coast. On Friday 10th of October, there will be a public sharing of the research at 2pm.

Classes will start at 10.30am at SDT's studio at Dundee Rep Theatre. They are free but spaces are limited. If you are interested, book your space on 

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