Friday, 29 August 2014

A week in Scandinavia

Skanes Dansteater in DOUBLEtake
Last week I was invited as a guest teacher at Skånes Dansteater. Based in the city of Malmö, the company is Sweden's largest independent dance institution and one of the most prominent repertory dance companies in Northern Europe.

At the moment, the dancers are working with Kenneth Kvarnström (one of Scandinavia's most critically acclaimed choreographers) on the creation of a new work for the Malmö Opera stage: DOUBLEtake. The work will premiere on 4th of October and will see the dancers from K. Kvarnström and Co. join the Malmö ensemble.

During my time with Skånes Dansteater I also had the opportunity to cross over to Denmark and visit the freetown of Christiania, a 40 year old community where over 1000 people live in occupied and self-built buildings, and organise themselves through self-governing assemblies. Christiania has been a source of controversy for decades, and is a fascinating example of the challenges and successes of utopian communities.

This visit was part of my research for Plan B for Utopia, a new full length work which is now on its research and development stage, supported by Creative Scotland. Next week, I will be heading down to London for a one week residency at The Place. In October I will continue the research in the studios of Scottish Dance Theatre in Dundee. More information about public sharings and professional development opportunities coming soon!

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