Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sharings of 'Etudes in Tension and Crisis'

For the last week, I have taken part in a research residency at The Basement gallery in Brighton with the collective Dog Kennel Hill Project. With one more week to go, this is part of a series of residencies, events and sharings under the title of Etudes in Tension and Crisis.
Inspired by territorial disputes, trade, invasion, occupation, treaties, conflict-resolution and genocide, the research will ask how we rank and distribute significance in the affaris of a small collectivity within dance and performance practice. A series of absurd, experimental, and theatricalised situations will be designed with the aim of generating distinct and discrete scenes of tension and potential crisis.
Join us for one of the the upcoming sharings at The Basement on Thursday 13th and Friday (16:30) 14th of February (14:00). They will be an opportunity for audiences to meet the creative team and to discuss the work and the role that audiences play in bringing their own values and expectations to the situation. You can book on

Other upcoming events part of this research will be:

26/02/14 19.00 Tension and Crisis sharing 3 at Camden Arts Centre, London. Booking and info HERE

27/03/14 19.30 Exorcism in the usual off-centre quarter of the way back performance with screening of Diabolic, a new video piece with as part of Wild Card
Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadlers Wells,London. Booking and info HERE 


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