Sunday, 18 August 2013

Lost Dog at the Edinburgh Fringe

Today we had our first performance of 'Home for Broken Turns' and 'It Needs Horses' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We will be performing at Zoo Southside until Sunday 25th of August.
This is my first collaboration as a performer with Lost Dog, the English dance theatre ensemble directed by Ben Duke. I had had the chance to work with Ben previously at Scottish Dance Theatre, when he created 'The Life and Times of Girl A' in 2010.
Home for Broken Turns is the kind of place that makes you dream of running away to the circus. But it is also a sanctuary, a place where the few remaining occupants could be described as family. This is the story of a group of women who exist on the outskirts, fiercely protective of each other and ready to savage anything that threatens to break up their dwindling pack.
It Needs Horses tells the tale of a down at heel circus duet and their increasingly desperate attempts to entertain the crowd. The glamour has faded and the performers have forgotten their acts, but the show must go on. The piece was awarded in 2011 with the Place Prize, the most prestigious choreographic prize in the UK.
Here is a trailer of the piece with the wonderful original cast, Anna Finkel and Chris Evans. For more information on the performances and to book your tickets click HERE:


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