Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Re-views // Inter-views

After a week's run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, several reviews of Joan's duet Dreamt for Light Years have appeared on printed and digital media. Here's a selection of press quotes:

©Cara Pirie
Broadway Baby: 'It is an intense and engaging work: flowing, varied, perfectly paced and danced with moving tenderness.'
What's on Stage: 'haunting and beautifully evocative'
Edinburgh Guide: 'This exciting and beautiful choreography, danced with superb skill and strength, made tangible the inescapable truth that change is unavoidable and necessary.'
SGfringe: 'This was dance at its best.'
Across the Arts: 'Dreamt for light years left me with a lump in my throat (...) It isn't often that a duet based on a relationship let's you in to their world; I felt involved in the relationship with every step, shift and emotion.'

+ Click HERE to watch Article 19's interview with Joan and Scottish Dance Theatre's Assistant Director, Sally Owen.

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